Electric Car apathy in Australia

Gizmodo.com reports that electric car sales in Australia are off to a very slow start, with just 49 electric vehicles sold last year across the whole of Australia.

Currently just two models/makes are available to choose from but that will be boosted this year by 3 more companies joining the market.

Gizmodo concludes it’s a disappointing sales figure, and reckons a lack of charging infrastructure coupled with the limited range of the current models, is to blame.

There’s also the small question of cost with one model costing 3 times its petrol derivative.

What really caught my eye was the comments section which has drawn arguments from both sides – pro & con – electric vehicles.

As one family commented  – their large solar panel array means they get to charge the cars for free, whilst at home, and their everyday usage means range and recharging options are not a problem.

Have a read yourselves – it’s an interesting, if lively, debate. Click here.

photo credit: tatiana gerus

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