EDF – the last of the big six to raise energy prices

The last of the big 6 energy companies – EDF Energy – announced price rises last week of 15.4% for gas and 4.5% for electricity (source: this is money).

Interestingly, it was the only firm last winter not to increase its prices, although it did raise its prices in March of this year.

Energy and consumer pundits had all been warning that once one of the ‘big 6’ had increased prices, the rest would follow.

What is interesting here is the fact that if the 6 are going to follow each other’s price rise leads, then where does that leave the consumer, who previously might have been able to switch suppliers for a better deal?

Is it still worth switching even? What’s been your experience?

Once again, the real question is not if but when the majority of households will install their own renewable energy sources (like solar panels) in an attempt to break free from the stranglehold energy companies have over family finances at present.

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photo credit: fxr

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