E.On the fourth big energy provider to increase energy costs.

Last week, E.On announced price rises of over 18% for gas and over 11% for electricity. As predicted when Scottish Power announced their rice rises first (19% for gas and 10% for electricity), the other’s are quickly following suit.
Scottish Power were quickly followed by British Gas who announced rises of up to 20% – that increase set to affect some 6 million households, before Scottish and Southern Electric announced their own double figure price increases.
The latest from E.On, which will come into effect from the 13th September (the 13th – someone’s idea of a cruel joke?) mean that as many as 11.9 million will be living in fuel poverty this Winter. Consumer Focus reckon an extra 2.80 million has been added to the fuel poverty suffering figure.
E.On had already increased their costs by 3.3% for gas and 9.3% for electricity back in February – the latest price rises mean average customers will see an overall increase in their energy bill of over 22%.
The average home energy bill will now be around £1250 for the year.
It’s unlikely energy prices will come down which leaves consumers only two options – use less or generate your own.
If you were thinking of installing solar panels to help off-set the energy price rises, then as we reported last week, you should already have made as many energy efficiency  efforts around your home as possible. Most solar panel installation companies will offer you some form of energy review – particularly if you’re thinking of a larger system and making your home as self-sufficient as possible.

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  1. It seems like energy cost is just going up. I hope solar panels cost goes down soon so that more and more people would adapt it. Renewable energy seems to be a good solution to the rising energy cost problem.

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