Dwarf wall conservatories the most popular type but why?

Dwarf walled conservatories must be the most popular type of conservatory in the UK.

Whether they’re victorian, gable ended or p-shaped in design, you can bet most of them will feature a dwarf wall.

The dwarf wall refers to the low brick wall that makes up the bottom of the conservatories shape with a traditional sill and the upvc window panels being placed on top.

But why are they so popular and what are your choices?

Specifying a conservatory with a dwarf wall gives you more options when it comes to positioning things like radiators and power points, which traditionally are affixed to brickwork. Your options could include fixing these to the existing house wall leaving you free to explore full length glass panels.

If you’re thinking of using your conservatory as an office, then a half brick construction may make it more private and save you worrying over the visibility of office equipment when you’re not in.

The wall offers increased privacy whilst helping to banish that ‘goldfish bowl’ effect of a full glass conservatory. It’s also a great deterrent to stopping people and animals running into the glass. Not having full length glass panels diminishes the ‘magnifying effect’ of the sun slightly on those really warm days.

It should be possible to match your houses existing bricks and aside from the newness of the mortar, will quickly weather in with your existing house construction.

If speed is of the essence then remember that after the base is laid, there will be a small delay whilst the wall is built before the conservatory panels are fixed atop.

If you’re wanting to make the most of a panoramic view, or wanting to let all the available light in to your house, then a full glazed option might be more suitable. You can use blinds or loose hanging curtains to provide privacy or shade as required.

Finally, there’s a new breed of conservatory gaining a lot of new admirers – the Orangery. This is typically a brick pillar construction with large vertical panes of glass between. The roof is usually hidden been a brick facade so it gives the impression of a large glass roof/skylight within a solid roof.

Visually stunning and suited to a variety of uses (just like a normal conservatory), these new designs are becoming increasingly popular and more and more conservatory companies are starting to offer them as part of their regular product choice.

Finally, conservatory designers have realised that more and more homeowners are looking for something a little more unique. So within your area we may be able to find conservatory companies that can offer new lean to or summer house style designs, incorporating the latest glass technology and a real choice of individual colours rather than the usual white, oak or cherry frame wood finishes.

Although more expensive and limited availability, wooden conservatories are available from a few dedicated installers. The frames are all pre-stained and treated prior to installation and anti-warping measures in the design and choice of timbers used usually ensures a long life, providing the wood is treated correctly in later years.

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