Drought fears – will they affect local hydro energy sources?

Last week, the Environment Secretary met with water companies & farmers etc as the water companies warned that two consecutive dry winters had left some reservoirs already 20% below their expected levels.

Some rivers have already had to be oxygenated and fish stocks moved as rivers reduced to isolated pools.

They’ve warned that Britain may be facing the worst drought since 1976.

Farmers always feel the effects of hose pipe bans and water restrictions the worst – unable to water crops etc is a real blow but with rivers drying up, there may be even more cause for concern.

Individual farms and settlements with a local running water source have invested large amounts on personal hydro power stations to supply homes or farms with low-cost renewable energy.

If the rivers reduce to trickles, then so will their power output. A double-whammy they could well do without.

Are you worried about the effects a drought could have on your hydro electric installation? Any contingency plans? Please share them below.

photo credit: martin thomas

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