Don’t let the tariff uncertainty put you off installing solar – Do it now

With one or two solar companies crying foul over the recent solar tariff cuts and the ‘uncertainty’ they say it’s all creating – whilst the Government appeals against the ‘unlawful’ ruling on their December tariff cuts – all the evidence points to now being the time to install solar, rather than waiting.

The present tariff of 21p (for domestic installations up to 4kW) is currently in force and is guaranteed until the full FiT review this April.

If the Government lose their appeal, then the tariff will only revert back to the 43p until April anyway.

What the tariff’s will be after the review in April is uncertain but they’re hardly likely to be more than 21p and could actually drop further, as solar panels and installation costs continue to fall.

So by installing solar panels on your home now, you could stand to gain by a couple of months at least.

And with Winter bringing the biggest fuel bills, there’s never been a better time to start making some savings.

Don’t forget the 3.1p per kWh export tariff – that’s also still in force and will add to your overall earnings on a solar panel installation.

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One thought on “Don’t let the tariff uncertainty put you off installing solar – Do it now”

  1. I heard about the cuts on the tariff by the government in the UK and agree that people need to act now before it’s too late to capitalize on the higher rate they will receive. Hopefully this will create more demand in the industry over the next 4 months or so, but even if the tariff does go down in April to approx 21p, there is still plenty of benefit in installing a solar system. As you mention in the post, the cost of solar has gone down, so even if the rate of return is lowered, the customers upfront costs have reduced too, and therefore it will take less time to recoup their initial investment.

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