Don’t let fascia maintenance spoil your summer

The light nights and warmer weather doesn’t have to mean outdoor property maintenance.

With the recent change back to daylight hours and the weather turning warmer, so your thought’s may also be turning to all those annual outdoor house maintenance jobs that’ll need doing – jobs like re-painting the fascia, cladding and guttering.

What might surprise you is the fact that even new build properties are very often built using wooden fascia rather than their infinitely more durable upvc counterpart.

So even for newer properties, replacing your fascia etc with upvc is a sound investment. It’ll look good for years, never rot or need painting and with all the time and trouble you’ll save maintaining wooden fascia with yearly repainting etc you’ll wonder how you ever found the time.

Whilst getting an online quote to see how much replacing your homes fascia, cladding or guttering will cost is a good idea, our Fascia Quoter online quoting website can go one better.

After you’ve got your online quote, you’ll get the opportunity to read first-hand what other local homeowners thought of the fascia companies local to you. So you’ll know which companies you can trust and which ones to avoid.

It’s a bit like getting a recommendation from a good neighbour.

We’ve been busy collecting 100’s of 1000’s of homeowner feedback comments for all types of home improvements (from double glazing to fitted kitchens) to make them available to you. if you’re not sure who the best company for the job are, why not make an informed decision based on what others have had to say?

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