Don’t leave your car keys in the car.

Last year, around 18% of car thefts are the result of opportunist thieves taking cars where the owner has left the keys in the ignition.
It’s a timely warning with cold winter mornings approaching, where it may be tempting to start your car up, to warm up and defrost windows, whilst you go back inside.
But it doesn’t have to happen on your drive.
Drivers are also falling foul of opportunists when stopping to use cash-point machines or calling at newsagents. You’re not even immune if you leave your keys in the ignition whilst at a petrol station.
The answer is obvious – don’t leave your car keys in the car, unattended. Even at home.
Car thefts from your home are also highly worrying as, in most cases, the thieves also get away with a set of your house keys too. The aftermath of dealing with the theft of your car is bad enough but having to get emergency locksmiths  etc or changing all your home’s door locks yourself is a costly business.
The largest percentage of car thefts – 37% – were as a result of thieves breaking into property and stealing the vehicle keys.
You have been warned.

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