Don’t feel guilty about replacing old double glazing

A few months ago, we wrote about how homeowners could identify the hinges, opening stays and locks & handles that had broken on their old double glazing, in order to start tracking down a replacement part.

This produced a flurry of responses from homeowners, who despite their best efforts were unable to source 1st generation Upvc window parts and had been left with little alternative but to get a quote for replacing some or all of their old windows.

Upvc double glazing has been with us for over 25 years now, with some units still performing well today.

It’s worth remembering that window and glass technology has also moved on. The latest frame designs will keep your home warmer than ever before, minimalising heat loss and draughts with their multi-chamber thermally efficient designs, whilst new glass technology encompasses everything from special heat reflective coatings to self cleaning, not to mention gas filled cavities meaning ‘a’ rated energy efficient glazing is now a popular option for buyers.

Homeowners replacing old Upvc double glazing were also worried about the environmental aspects of old frames being sent to landfill or worse, them being responsible for getting rid of the old windows.

It’s worth pointing out that Upvc windows and doors can actual be re-cycled. Modern production methods where the frame extrusion is first manufactured mean that Upvc can be recycled many times before it becomes unsuitable for re-use.

There’s been several high-profile extrusion and window companies campaigning for a national scheme to cover the collection and reclamation of old windows and this has had considerable success.

So when your choosing a new window company, you can rest assured that many will be recycling the old windows they’ll remove.

You see, there really is no need to feel guilty anymore about replacing old 1st generation upvc double glazing.

Have you got old double glazed windows in poor condition or are you interested in replacing your old windows and doors with a new ‘a’ rated energy efficient installation? Then visit WindowQuoter and get your instant online quote. You can easily specify the style and number of openers using the drag n’ drop interface before getting your instant online price guide.

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  1. Companies are finding new ways of recycling our used a broken products all the time and we are now recycling more than ever. Products like windows can easily be recycled using modern techniques and therefore there is no need to worry about waste.

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