Do I really need to get 3 quotes?

There are a number of advantages to getting more than one quote for a project as big as a major home improvement.

How do you know you’re paying the correct price for the job if you have nothing to compare it against?

You can compare how companies treat their customers.
You can compare quality of materials (and workmanship if you have the opportunity).
Different companies have different offers – which one suits you the best?
You may have a wider choice of payment options.
Guarantees and after sales differ from company to company.
You have more choice over when the job is started / completed.

As the list above demonstrates, it’s not always about price. Many of our homeowners go on to leave us feedback that proves they haven’t always chosen the cheapest quote put before them.

Because each and every home improvement is unique to you, the same company isn’t always going to be the best one for the job. As we can see above, getting a range of quotes gives you more options, more flexibility and ultimately more choice.

A home improvement like replacing your windows, having a new kitchen fitted or a driveway laid is going to last you a long time. It’s so vitally important to be totally happy with the company you finally chose to carry out the work.

It’s very easy to get a range of quotes to consider – using our online ‘Quoter family of websites gives you an instant online quote which you can then opt to have confirmed by the best three companies in your area based on quality and price.

You get to read real feedback left by previous homeowners on these companies, before you let any of them through your door!

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