Do energy bills leave you a bit confused?

Do your energy bills leave you a bit confused? You’re not alone.

The Guardian reports that a recent survey by uSwitch last year found that 75% of people also found their energy bills confusing, compared to 27% who found their bank statements confusing – mine’s confusing – where does that money go?

So get ready for a new kind of energy bill coming through your letterbox soon.

The Consumers friend – Which? is currently comparing the new bills and will report it’s findings on just how clear the bills are later.

In brief, the new bills will show the annual cost of your gas or electric and an estimate for next year (assuming things and tariffs stay the same).

They’ll also show any premiums or discounts you receive. Things like paying by direct debit etc. You’ll also get advice on how to change supplier.

The changes are coming about as a result of changes by the energy regulator Ofgem, designed to help homeowners get the most out of the energy market. It’ll be interesting to see what comes through your letterbox next.

You can read the full Guardian report by clicking here.

photo credit: alex grech

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