DIY Solar Panel fitters in California could lead the way

A popular home store chain in California has begun selling individual solar panels for do-it-yourself fitting.

The story from the Pocono Record goes on to say “The panels cost about $900 apiece, and individually they won’t have a huge impact. Manufacturer Akeena Solar Inc. says each one generates about 175 watts, enough power to run a flat-screen television. But the incremental easing of the home electric bill just might prompt buyers to come back for more panels, company CEO Barry Cinnamon predicts. And the cumulative effect of many home panels, installed one by one by people who could not afford a full-bore professional installation, could be substantial over time”.

The USA’s population is just 5% of the world’s, yet amazingly, the USA consumes nearly 25% of the world’s energy.

Will we see something similar happening in the UK? Will you be able to pop down to your local supermarket, pick up a few groceries and Oh, I’ll take a solar panel too?

We’re not so sure that’s an immediate future thing but who knows? At present, whilst it is possible to buy and install your own solar panels, the planning and legislative paperwork to go through to claim those government subsidies on installation etc not to mention if you’re hooking a photovoltaic system up to the mains will require an electricity company engineer or a CORGI registered plumber for the hot water system, means that most UK homeowners are more than happy to get a quote that includes the fitting and installation.

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photo credit: vauvau

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