DIY Skills In Decline?

Half the population of the UK believe they are not as competent at DIY tasks as their parents. But is this such a bad thing?

A study by a leading home insurer reports that half of us do not feel as comfortable with DIY as the generation before us. Despite these misgivings over tackling DIY, though, it’s estimated a third of the UK’s households will have attempted some DIY project over the recent Easter weekend.

Only a quarter of us would be happy tackling some tiling compared with two-thirds of us happy to try a spot of wallpapering and three-quarters of us willing to wield a paintbrush. It’s no surprise that fewer than one in ten will attempt larger jobs like fitting a new bathroom or kitchen without some expert help. Many struggle with more simple home DIY / maintenance – the study showed that a fifth of us aren’t entirely confident when it comes to changing a lightbulb. No matter how many other people we have with us.

However, this may not be such a bad thing. Whilst the plethora of home improvement programmes on TV make it all look so easy, attempting some home improvement projects by yourself could invalidate your home insurance. Particularly jobs involving structural work, gas or water supply plumbing or any electrical work. Attempting such DIY jobs could leave you without cover and liable for the cost of any subsequent damage or disruption.

Professional home improvement companies have the tools and experience to go beyond basic repairs and create something special for your home. Beyond that, if things start to go wrong they know how to deal with the issues. These before, during and after pictures, sent to us by Real Kitchen Solutions, show this in action – they use Computer Aided Design (CAD) Packages to plan out the perfect design for the space available, and create a really special kitchen for each of their customers

Here at KitchenQuoter, we get lots of online enquiries from homeowners who’ve started re-modeling their kitchens only to find obstacles and problems before they’ve even started assembling the new units. Uneven walls and floors, plumbing and electrics that need moving (remember all gas work should be carried out by a Corgi registered engineer), not to mention not knowing whether walls are supporting walls or not before they started taking them down.

It often works our far costlier for a company to come in, undo what’s been done before starting the installation themselves. So if you’re thinking of having a new kitchen or bathroom installed, then give KitchenQuoter and BathroomQuoter a try first. Instant no obligation online quotes there and then backed up by a UK wide network of professional installers like Real Kitchen Solutions.

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