Ditch the Gym membership

Gym Membership Costs Mount

Many gyms charge a joining fee; monthly membership can range from £25 to in excess of £100 and most expect you to commit to a 1-3 year contract. When you come to leave many will impose a minimum notice period of 1-3months.

Stay fit gym free –exercise at home without the expense of gym membership. Here are some simple tips to help you stay fit:

– Increase general activity: be more active in your day-to-day life (e.g. use the stairs instead of the lift,. walk or cycle instead of using the car for short trips).

– Be realistic: set achievable goals. Stick to something you can commit to, start with 1-2 sessions a week. It will be easier to stay on track and build your programme.

– Short can be sweet: Don’t worry if you can’t commit to an hour or 2 hour session, an intense 5-10minute session can be just as effective. The important thing is to stay in the routine of exercising.

– Remain flexible: Your intended routine may get blown off course by work or personal commitments. Don’t get despondent; simply reschedule your exercise when you have more time.

If you’re thinking on converting a garage or loft, to make your own Gym area, one concern can be how much home fitness equipment can cost, especially if you’re used to commercial Gym grade equipment.

In & Out Fitness specialise in sales and rental of fitness equipment, including refurbished equipment. You could rent a commercial grade running machine or cross trainer for £10 a week – steppers are from £8.75 a week.

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