Designing Your Bathroom

It’s Friday night – the end of a hard week of work. You’re exhausted, and you deserve to put your feet up. So, you draw a deep, hot bath. Sweet aromas waft gently through the steam-filled room as you climb in, take a deep breath, and relax…

Doesn’t that sound good?

Then why are you still making do with that ancient and grimy bathroom? Why are you still coping with a shower that gives out less water than the leaky tap? Why oh why have you not sorted out the buzzing noise from the extractor fan?

If this sounds like you, you need to start thinking about what your bathroom says about you. Thankfully, we can help – with you can get a free instant online quote – and we’ll help you get hold of up to three local tradespeople to come round and give you their own estimates, saving you money!

Get Planning

A new bathroom is going to last you many years, so you want to start by thinking seriously about what you want, and what you can achieve with the space you have. One thing to consider is that baths don’t have to be the classic rectangle shape – you could think about a square or round bath instead. Since a shower could be placed above the bath, you could save even more space by doing away with a separate unit. For the ultimate relaxation experience, maybe a whirlpool is just the thing you need!

There’s more to bathrooms than just the basic utilities, too. make sure you’ve taken into account where to put the extractor fan, and any storage you need (no more running out across the landing because you’ve forgotten to take a towel with you!) Make sure you look into what fittings you need so you don’t end up confused when a contractor comes round.

Get a Quote

Thankfully, this part is the easy part! With, getting a feel for how much your new bathroom will cost is easy – just fill in the simple form and we’ll give you a rough estimate instantly, for free! We don’t stop there, though – as part of the free service we provide, we’ll go one step further and get in touch with up to three tradesmen in your area, so that you can make a comparison between different contractors.

Get Relaxed

When you have your new bathroom, you can relax like never before. Slip away into the luxurious bliss of a serene soak, you’ll be left feeling refreshed, energised and ready for whatever else life might throw at you.

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