Dangers of Carbon Monoxide from biomass stoves & boilers

Thanks to Laurence Jones at YouGen for reminding us all of the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning from our biomass fires & boilers.

Just like a mains gas boiler or fireplace, if the appliance is working incorrectly or a flue or chimney becomes blocked, then you and your household are in very real danger of death from carbon monoxide poisoning – a colourless, odourless gas, found in the fumes of combustable fuels.

Laurence’s post contains lots of hints and tips for ensuring your and your household stay safe, including the fitting of an audible carbon monoxide alarm (like a smoke alarm), where a few pounds could save yours and the lives of others.

Read Laurence’s full post here – then go and check your CO alarm is working or go out and buy one today.

photo credit: andy fogg

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