Coventry Cathedral – first to become solar powered

Coventry Cathedral is hoping to install a 50 kilowatt photovoltaic solar panel system on its roof.

The array which would cost around a £100,000 could earn the Cathedral £14,000 a year, thanks to the Governments feed-in tariffs.

When you add the savings expected to be made on the current energy bills, and the tariff’s adjustments for inflation, the Cathedral could see a return of over £30,000 a year over the 25 year tariff period.

Apparently, the Cathedral’s unusually shallow sloping roof makes it more ideally suited to an installation – the 178 panels will cover approx’ 200 square meters of the current roof.

Because the building is grade 1 listed, there’s extra planning hurdles to jump yet but the Cathedral’s management are confident that they will get the go-ahead.

photo credit: herry lawford

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