Could you do with some more car parking space?

Roads are getting busier, there seem to be more cars than ever and closer to home, a new family that moved into a previously empty property have caused parking havoc on our street by bringing 3 cars with them. That’s a lot to fit onto an already crowded, residential street in town.
Last year, there were an estimated 31 million cars on Britain’s roads but with a quarter of households not owning a car and 45% having just the one vehicle, it’s obvious the number of multi-car families is growing. You’ve only got to look at the number of multi-car insurance products that keep being advertised to believe it.
If you’ve run out of parking space, but have the room to extend your driveway or perhaps you’re parking on the road (wherever you can find a space) but have a garden or other area that could be converted? Then Paving Quoter is the answer to your parking dilemma.
Just by entering a few simple measurements and choosing between Block Paving, Impressed Concrete or Tarmac, our clever website will give you an instant online expectation of cost, without the need for any paving companies to call on you.
Whilst car dealers and electric / hybrid vehicle producers will no doubt be getting excited about the growing number of vehicles out there, for drivers, it can be a frustrating experience to arrive home, only to have to drive around endless streets looking for somewhere to park overnight.
Mind you, I’ve experienced both ‘sides’ – though those without would probably gladly swap, being  a multi car family with a driveway usually involves shunting vehicles around because the one car that’s needed is always the most hemmed in by later arrivals. If I had a pound for every litre of fuel burnt in just moving cars around outside the house…
Think how much easier life would be if only you had a small turning space available in such circumstances? Even better if it will match your existing driveway material.
Go on! Make 2011 your last year of parking frustration – get your instant online driveway quote today.
p.s Paving Quoter is equally good at pricing patios and garden paths, and if you’re thinking of combining a new drive with say, a new pathway, then you’ll get bigger discounts for larger overall area. Worth bearing in mind.
This article first appeared in our weekly homeowner newsletter dated 9th January 2012.

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