Could the Dutch be about to scrap Tax breaks on Green Cars?

Spotted on the Dutch News website was this little snippet that Dutch Ministers could be about to scrap tax breaks and incentives on ‘Green Cars’ because it’s costing them too much in lost revenue.

Apparently, so many drivers have bought green cars – hybrid vehicles etc – that the Dutch Treasury has already lost over 700m euros in sales tax alone (read the full article here).

Environmental groups are calling the decision (if it’s made) “bizarre” citing that Ministers have already scrapped road pricing plans and have cut spending on public transport and new roads.

This is seriously worrying – wether it goes ahead or not, the fact that green transport is only chosen (by many) for the tax and company car savings etc. If our Government decides it’s also loosing too much revenue, where does the investment come from for other environmentally friendly transport measures?

It’s a real pickle, and one that’s sure to dent the fragile eco-vehicle confidence across Europe if it goes ahead, including the UK.

photo credit: dean_dave

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