Could Kitchens be 2011’s big trend?

Various retail and lifestyle surveyors have been reporting that one of the biggest effects of the present economic climate is that families are spending more time at home.

That means more eating-in rather than dining out, watching a dvd rather than a trip to the cinema and having friends round rather than meeting out at a pub or bar.

What is interesting is that this shift in peoples habits back to entertaining at home is expected to set a major trend for 2011 in home improvements – new kitchens.

Because once families start spending more time at home, particularly eating together in the evenings, is when homeowners are noticing the inadequacies of their present kitchen design.

It could be you need a more informal dining area, that can cater for friends and family alike. The other side of the coin is a dining area that can accommodate the larger family or friend gathering just as easily as a candlelit dinner for two. Perhaps you find you just need more storage space or worktop area?

And if you were in any doubt as to the likelihood of such a prediction coming true, then you’ve only got to switch on the TV and you’ll find some mouth-watering food programme on. Yes, Britain is obsessed with food – whether that’s a country kitchen or celeb’s burning boiled potatoes to the latest how to cookery masterclasses, we’ve gone gastro-potty.

Which leads homeowners right back to their own kitchens when they come to try and re-create those TV dishes themselves.

Whether it’s a completely new kitchen with all the latest appliances or a more modest re-fit and update using new door and drawer fronts, installed correctly, a new kitchen, whilst a major purchase, will see you for many years to come and if you do move, then it should only add to your home’s value.

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photo credit: simone sapienza

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