Could Air-Conditioning become a regular feature in UK homes?

The NHIC (National Home Improvement Council) reckon air-conditioning systems could soon become an everyday feature as more homeowners discover the benefits of such a system.

Air-conditioning units keep a constant flow of air moving through your home, helping eliminate damp problems, especially in older properties, by reducing condensation.

In the long-term, this could reduce homeowners and landlords repair and redecoration bills.

Already, installation companies are seeing a growing interest from the domestic market as more and more of us enjoy the health and comfort benefits of air-conditioning at work.

And with this April being the hottest since records began, higher temperatures could be the norm. If that’s so, then a professionally installed air-conditioning system on your home could make all the difference. Where the system employs filters, hay fever sufferers will welcome the comfort without the need to open the windows.

This story first appeared in our weekly homeowner email newsletter dated 4th July 2011. Click here to read the full newsletter.

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One thought on “Could Air-Conditioning become a regular feature in UK homes?”

  1. Wholehouse mechanical heat recovery ventilation units are becoming an increasingly popular install in new housing so that builders can achieve compliance with the code for sustainable homes.
    While whole house ventilation systems will become a regular feature in new homes it will be interesting to see the take up in privately owned older properties as cost will always be a major influence on

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