Could a new wind turbine design be heading for the UK?

“great scott!”

Spotted on was this snippet about a new style of wind turbine that could soon be appearing in the UK.

The Multi-Rotor Wind Turbine has overcome all the usual design and development obstacles and looks set to be a big hit with investors and users alike.

The design apparently answers many of the planning issues currently thwarting permission for present wind turbine designs – it’s quieter (close to zero decibel output), takes up less space (it can in fact be roof mounted) and for investors, has a much quicker return on investment claim its developers – VNCS.

Picture and full story here.

Apparently, UK commercial interests are already lining up to try out the new turbine and it’s hoped that with the usual planning obstacles removed by it’s clever design, we should see the first turbines in operation in the UK by 2012.

Nice work guys.

photo credit: stringbot

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