Complaints to your Energy company going unheard? Try Twitter

Twitter – the social networking platform that has us all furiously passing ‘tweets’ of 140 characters or less has so many uses.

From keeping up with the latest news from your favourite pop star to local Government – it’s all there.

But there is more to it than that.

Very often, your favourite brands / shops (and that includes utility companies) also have Twitter accounts. We have our own at

So if you’ve tried complaining about an aspect of your service from your energy provider but not got anywhere, then why not try ‘tweeting’ your dis-satisfaction?

You may be surprised to get a very swift reply and interestingly, the people monitoring for their companies name being mentioned often have the power (or contacts) to get to the heart of your problem very quickly and work out a resolution.

Here’s a classic example I spotted yesterday between a customer and their energy provider:

Customer: (XYZ Electricity company) is the worse electric supplier!! I already paid & they’re still giving me problems.

Companies response: Sorry to hear you feel this way. If there is anything I can do to help here please let me know. Thanks, (operators name).

photo credit: joshsemans

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