Comparing energy prices online before you switch supplier this Winter

Energy Price Rises are back! Act now to avoid paying too much for your energy this winter, and save up to £500 with our partner The Switching Helpline!

Becoming more energy efficient is only one half of the battle against rising fuel costs. The other is to compare gas and electricity prices and switch to the best deal in your area.

It takes just minutes to compare prices and switch tariffs, and the rewards can be huge. It’s important that you use a service which is impartial, independent and gives a full comparison of every deal in the market. Specialist energy price comparison service can do just that. They’ll find you the best deal based on your individual circumstances.

Why are prices going up?

Scottish and Southern Energy, British Gas and just last week Scottish Power, have put their prices up (or announced price increases) already, and the majority of the others are very likely to follow suit in the near future. Energy suppliers are facing higher wholesale prices, and increasing cost pressures from renewable energy and carbon emission reduction targets.

In fact, rising prices are likely to continue for the next ten years as a result of all of these factors. Consumers need to be proactive and act now.

We’re advising customers to switch whilst there are still some competitive deals available in the market. Whoever your supplier is, there’s no reason to delay so act now!

What are the benefits of switching my gas and electricity suppliers, and how much can I save?

Everybody can, and should be reviewing their supply on a regular basis. The UK’s energy suppliers change prices on their cheaper online deals regularly, with some extremely competitive offers available. Managing your account online and paying by Direct Debit will give access to the best prices. You can opt to fix your prices if you want some certainty too – it’s up to you.

If you have never switched before, or even within the last 12 months then you are seriously overpaying! There are some very competitive offers and many don’t last long.

There’s absolutely no disruption to worry about with switching supplier. You retain the same wires, pipes and meters. All that changes is the name on your bill!

Why should I use a service like The Switching Helpline?

They’re a specialist energy price comparison service and provide a completely impartial, 100% independent and FREE service to all of their customers. Their highly trained experts and advisers are on hand to answer any questions, and their unique assisted process makes it simpler than ever to save. Like us, they don’t do gimmicks, just quality service and real savings.

They’ll compare every single tariff in the market, and show all the cheapest deals available. They guarantee you won’t find a cheaper deal anywhere else.

See how much you can save today. Do it yourself or request a free call-back at

One thought on “Comparing energy prices online before you switch supplier this Winter”

  1. You may have heard on the news this morning that the energy companies are to face an investigation by Ofgem into the prices they charge, after it was revealed that their profits on a single duel-fuel tariff have risen by nearly 40%.

    However, don't wait for the investigation which probably won't reach a conclusion until next Spring, by which time you'll have already run up

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