Commute by Bike – even if the view is a little scary

Thanks Treehugger for posting this piece about a video comparison of cycling or driving to work.

There’s a thrilling 2 minute (speeded up) journey in the rush hour by bike in the 4th largest city in the Netherlands where they have a 33% bike modal share.

It’s not all plain pedalling though – the number of bicycle thefts is also great and of 45,000 that are stolen annually, and despite a Police implemented bike registration programme, only a few hundred of the stolen bikes have been returned to their owners.

Still, cycling’s pretty popular it seems – the dutch city of Groningen boasts 60% of journeys being made by bicycle.

Click here to see Treehugger’s full article and those very scary videos.. and if you’re out cycling this weekend or you commute by bike, don’t forget your cycling helmets.

photo credit: baudman

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