College studies move towards sustainable renewables economy

A report by Ontario colleges suggests that students are becoming more interested in learning for a renewables based profession when they leave college.

The wide spectrum of skills required – from electricians to turbine technicians – has seen 35 new diploma or certificate programs launched in the last 3 years.

The President of Colleges Ontario commented “At the same time, students and faculty are working in applied research – helping companies build their own sustainable platforms”.

She continued “This generation is so focused on those interests, a lot don’t know exactly where their career is going to lead them but want to make a difference in some profound way”.

You can read the full article at IFPress by clicking here.

It’s long been feared that one of the key reasons renewable projects might be slow to get off the ground could be due to a shortage of skilled people. In Ontario at least, it looks like they’re well on the way to addressing that issue.

I wonder if it’s a similar picture in the UK (and wider Europe)?

photo credit: beverly

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