Coalition Government announce Green Deal for UK homeowners

Last week, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg outlined plans for the new Green Deal through which up to 14 million homes could benefit from insulation, the payment for which will be collected through energy bills, but still saving households money – some of the worst homes could save around £550 a year.

The Government will begin the legislative process this Autumn with the the scheme expected to be in effect in 2012.

The Green Deal combines economic growth whilst promoting energy efficiency. It’s aim is to reduce carbon emissions by making homes warmer, saving homeowners money and stimulating ‘green recovery’ in jobs.

Read the full press release at

It’s unclear at this moment whether other energy saving methods like installing double glazing etc will also be covered in the Green Deal – the Governments announcement only mentions insulation which could imply loft, cavity wall or both.

photo credit: dichohecho

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