CO2 emissions cut by 95% in our lifetime?

The Environmental News Network last week published an article claiming that Europe was reasserting its international leadership in the fight against global warming by offering to cut its co2 emissions by 95% by 2050 and 30% by 2020.

The deal is dependent on a pact being sealed in Copenhagen in 5 weeks time.

This is against a backdrop of doubts concerning enough time remaining for Europe to agree to such proposals. The EU still has to resolve disputes over carbon trading schemes and how the developing world is to be paid to cope with the impacts of global warming.

Apparently Poland and other poorer eastern European countries are unhappy at being asked to subsidise action in countries like China and India.

You can read the Environmental News Networks full report here. It makes very interesting reading and we hope Europe is able to reach agreement.

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photo credit: foto43

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