Church ‘aspires’ to be carbon neutral

The BBC reported how a church in Newbury has become the latest to join a handful of other C of E churches, joining the race to become carbon neutral.

They’ve just fitted 129 solar panels amongst other energy saving insulation work to the roof.

But with some 16,200 other C of E churches in the UK, there are many more that could be benefiting both themselves and the environment.

The Newbury church – St George the Martyr – says the 129 solar panels can produce (at peak) 25 kilowatts.

The church currently consumes 9,000 kilowatts a year but the solar panels are expected to produce around 20,000 kilowatts per year.

That equates to an income for the church of around £7000 to £8000 a year from electricity sold back to the grid.

The solar panels cost the church £80,000.

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photo credit: elliott brown

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