Choosing the Right Furniture to Add Value to Your Conservatory

So you’ve just finished building your brand new home conservatory with the intent of adding value to your home, and it might be tempting to think that the hard part is done. Next comes actually choosing how you intend to furnish and present your new room so that it’s more than just a shell. What’s best? And how do you decide what to put in there?
With over two thirds of a typical conservatory normally consisting of glazed windows, a conservatory should be treated differently than that of a typical room in your house due to its unusual characteristics. Whilst you’re able to enjoy the sun without being bothered by breezy weather you can also find yourself in uncomfortably warm conditions.
For this reason when selecting furniture for your conservatory you should choose carefully and pick something that’s both resistant and can withstand the affects of changing room temperatures. For example it’s advisable not to have leather sofas, as in the summer any benefits of enjoying the heat indoors will be lost when you’re unable to use them during the day due to the absorbed heat.
When asked we normally recommend individual or sets of woven rattan furniture combined with plenty of soft cushions and settee throws to create a great look and practical solution. Rattan doesn’t absorb heart in the same way as leather does and allows a good level of air circulation; it also lends itself nicely to both indoor and outdoor settings and features within many cheap garden furniture product ranges.
Sun loungers and recliner chairs made of canvas or cotton sheets that are spread over a wooden or metal frame are strong enough to support a person’s weight comfortably and still remain at steady ambient temperature where it comes into contact with skin and is great for sun bathing or star gazing!
Rattan remains the clear winner in terms of longevity due to it not being susceptible to bending or warping like wooden or plastic furnishings, the special faux varieties can even be used as outdoor all year round outside as stand-alone items of garden furniture if you so wish.
This article was written by David Beastall on behalf of Gardens and Homes Direct who sells a wide range of stylish, practical indoor and outdoor home furnishings.

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