Choc-o-riffic solar energy news for Ghanaian Cocoa Farmers

As seen in Eat Out Magazine, Cadbury Dairy Milk is going to donate 20% of profits from products sold during this year’s Fairtrade Fortnight (28th Feb to 13th March) to funding solar projects in Ghanaian cocoa producing communities.

The energy generated can be used to help run health clinics, keeping medicines cool as well as aiding education by providing electric light with which to study by.

Electricity is also safer and more healthy than using the traditional kerosene lamps.

Consumers in the UK can participate by buying certified Cadbury Fairtrade products which include Cadbury Dairy Milk, Buttons and Drinking Chocolate.

Now that sounds like real solar power.

photo credit: d sharon pruitt

2 thoughts on “Choc-o-riffic solar energy news for Ghanaian Cocoa Farmers”

  1. Yes I think this is a great scheme set out by cadbury and one that will really take off. I know the company has had a tough few years with the takeover from Kraft but this will really put a positive angle on the business.

    The fact that the 20% over a fortnight will be donated to renewable energy projects is fantastic, and you know that 20% even over 14 days, will still make a good total.

  2. Hi – yes even a small amount can make a great difference. Cynics would probably say the 'donation' is small compared to the profits made but the companies don't 'have' to make any donation, so anything is welcome.

    I'm sure the Ghanaian residents are delighted.

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