Children are our green future

A report published last week by the Youth Advisory Panel to the Department of Energy and Climate Change revealed that youth of today take green energy a lot more seriously.

299 people under 29 were surveyed and the results included 94% believing offshore wind was the fairest energy technology with 81% calling for onshore wind energy and 94% supporting solar energy.

This compares against just 2.2% who were in favour of coal energy.

The report went on to call for more consultation with young people in deciding energy and climate policy, following visits by a group of young people to a nuclear, fossil fuel and renewable energy projects.

You can read the full report on Green Wise – click here.

It makes perfect sense – it is the young that will have to live with our decisions on energy production and the environmental consequences if we get it wrong (or refuse to act on what we already know).

In light of the recent wind farm applications that have been turned down, you have to ask yourself how many would have been granted if those making the decisions were younger?

photo credit: ingo bernhardt

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