Cheap energy deals are disappearing fast

The cheapest online deals don’t stay around forever. Suppliers will remove tariffs once they meet their quotas, so don’t miss out by delaying.

Most of us are still on needlessly expensive standard tariffs! These cost a whopping £300 more on average per year than cheaper online deals. To take advantage of the cheaper offers all you have to do is manage your account online or via e-mail and generally pay by Direct Debit. It could not be simpler, and there will be absolutely no disruption.

Even if rates go up you’ll still be quids-in. Online deals are so much cheaper, you’ll be saving even if their prices increase! You can always switch again if you find that there’s an even cheaper deal available. Waiting for your supplier or other suppliers to change prices will only cost you money.

Winter is here (in case anyone wasn’t sure)! The switching process can take up to two months. If you don’t make the switch now, it means that by the time winter’s high usage bills hit you, you will still be on the most expensive rates.

Specialist energy price comparison service do all the shopping around for you. They’ll find you the best deal based on your individual circumstances.

(taken from our weekly newsletter 06/12/10 – read it here)

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