Solar prices tumble.

thumbs up as solar panel prices plummet
The Government reduction in the Feed-in Tariff isn’t necessarily all doom and gloom for homeowners.
True, the amount you’ll get paid by the tariff has reduced, but we’ve also had a lot of solar installers telling us the prices they’re paying for the panels is also dropping – some prices have dropped by 50%.
And these are savings getting passed directly onto homeowners booking installations.
The net result is that whilst your installation will earn you less, that reduction will be mostly off-set by the reduction in your solar system installation costs.
Return on investment figures will be between 5% and 10% on the new tariffs with these new lower installation prices in mind.
Perhaps more importantly, the feed-in tariff is still guaranteed for a 25 year period and during that time (and beyond) your installation will be saving you on your normal energy bills – bills that have already risen by around 20% this year and despite promises of simplifying bills and energy tariffs, look likely to continue rising as resources get scarcer and wholesale prices rise.
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Npower customers can’t escape energy price rises

With 5 of the big 6 energy firms now having announced massive price rises – Npower announced rises of 15.7% for gas and 7.2% for electricity last week, only EDF customers are still smiling, but for how much longer?
Consumer groups reckon the latest price rises will be hard to swallow for hard pressed families, who only see massive profits being recorded by energy firms.
The energy companies have responded to such criticism by stating that they are having to invest billions of pounds in future energy.
With a typical duel-fuel tariff seeing price rises of 12.2% from October, Npower customers may well be thinking why the need for such rises too.
Whilst ‘good-deals’ may seem in short supply, it’s worth contacting your present energy provider and making sure you’re on the cheapest tariff you can be. Don’t forget relatively simple and cheap energy efficiency measures you carry out now – draught proofing and insulation – will all help come this Autumn.
In other Energy company news, British Gas announced it would be suspending door-to-door ‘sales’ visits for a 3 month period. Most complaints to energy companies come from  dubious claims and poor miss-selling by door step salesmen.
Home Improvement Quotes family of online quoting websites was set up to banish the need for cold-calling door step salesmen, with their inflated prices and ‘special sign here deals’. For example, Solar Panel Quoter will give you an instant online price guide for a solar installation. After which, you can make use of our free matching service, where we’ll offer to put you in touch with the best 3 companies in your area.
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Soaler pannels – we know what you meant – solar panel quotes

It seems some homeowners have been desperate to get a Solar Panel Quote. Here’s just a small selection of the search phrases they’ve recently used on Google and other search engines:

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Seriously, no word of a lie, these are all genuine searches used over the last 2 months (and all, incidentally, still found us) for Solar Panels.

However you spell it, what they were looking for was Solar Panel Quoter – instant online solar panel quotes without the need for a salesman to visit your home.

And now you’ve found it too.

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How long will it take for a solar system to pay for itself?

‘How long will it take for a solar panel system to pay for itself in the UK’ was just one of the areas recently investigated by consumer watchdog Which.

According to a report by Energy Efficiency News, the Which investigation highlighted several short-comings and ‘dodgy’ sales practises by some solar installation companies.

The Micropower Council has welcomed the investigation and promised to act on those companies that were highlighted in the report as giving poor or incorrect advice.

But it says that although a small number of cowboys attracted to the industry because of it’s quick growth, are attempting to ‘cash-in’, the industry has got off to the best possible start through vigorous self-regulation, the Micro-generation certificate and the industries ‘selling code’ – the REAl assurance scheme.

Which discovered that some companies were under-estimating pay back periods on installed systems as well as over-estimating likely profits from an installation. On some cases, salesman had recommended siting the panels on the shaded part of the roof, or had failed to take into account the location of the property before calculating likely generation figures.

Installation quotes should be site specific, provide clear information on the life expectancy of a system and the likely cost of replacing faulty panels, reckon Which.

The Micropower Council said “There is no need to mislead consumers by exaggerating the already generous incentives on offer”.

When considering any home improvement, it’s important to get a range of quotes and advice from different companies and having the time to consider their quotes without pressure.

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Free solar panel quoting service – guest post.

Daily, more and more Solar Panel companies are using Solar Panel Quoter, because they have realised more and more home owners are using our FREE online quoting service.

Thanks to Solar Panel Quoter, homeowners can save a lot of money over a long term period simply by using a natural source of energy, which is non-negligible considering the increase of energy prices.

It’s very useful, efficient and the best product for people who care about the environment and the ecology because it is not pollutant. Amongst all the energy sources, the solar energy is the only one that’s inexhaustible.

The Solar Panel can last about 25 years (although many current panels are still operational after 30, 35 and even 40 years). It does not emit co2 and is not harmful for the climate nor for the planet.

Moreover, this is THE source of energy to have if you can’t benefit from conventional energy sources like mains electricity.

Plus, you can take advantage of our free local company matching service to find the best companies installing in your area. (Price Engines were the first company to introduce online prices for the double-glazing Industry with Window Quoter, over 10 years ago).

Solar Panels, once installed, require little maintenance and the energy is produced without any further intervention. It is quiet and non-disturbing for the neighbours, unlike other sources of energy e.g wind turbines.

Solar Panels are a great long term investment for individual home owners.

Guest post by Léa Olympie

Léa is a business student from France, currently undertaking part of her foreign business studies at our offices, here in Derby, UK.

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We’re moving premises


f you’re wondering where your normal dose of renewability has gone today, we’ve just stopped by to say we’re moving premises today.

Actually, we’ve been moving all weekend and are now on the ‘home stretch’ getting our customer advisory team up and running as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your patience and our apologies if during the move, you were unable to get your online solar panel quotation.

Any glitches would have been ironed out as quickly as they might have appeared, but of you were affected, please visit Solar Panel Quoter now and get your instant online quote.

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Church ‘aspires’ to be carbon neutral

The BBC reported how a church in Newbury has become the latest to join a handful of other C of E churches, joining the race to become carbon neutral.

They’ve just fitted 129 solar panels amongst other energy saving insulation work to the roof.

But with some 16,200 other C of E churches in the UK, there are many more that could be benefiting both themselves and the environment.

The Newbury church – St George the Martyr – says the 129 solar panels can produce (at peak) 25 kilowatts.

The church currently consumes 9,000 kilowatts a year but the solar panels are expected to produce around 20,000 kilowatts per year.

That equates to an income for the church of around £7000 to £8000 a year from electricity sold back to the grid.

The solar panels cost the church £80,000.

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