Solar panel savings on the 21p feed-in tariff

If you’ve been wondering how much income a solar panel installation would generate on the 21p tariff rate, the Energy Saving Trust website has already done the calculations for you.
Based on a typical 3kw photovoltaic (PV) solar panel installation, you could earn:
£530 a year from the Generation Tariff of 21p
£40 a year from the Export Tariff of 3p (paid directly by your energy provider)
£100 a year reduction of your current energy bills.
That adds up to £670 a year. On a typical 3kw installation, that’s a very attractive payback period of just 12 to 13 years, leaving you with the remainder of the 25 year period to reap the rewards.
That payback period also assumes no further energy price rises in the next 12 years!
If December’s (2011) tariff reduction is reversed, then you can see why the 43p rate is so attractive to those who’ve already installed solar on their roofs.
And you could save even more by applying a few energy saving measures around your home.
Some installation companies will offer free (or packaged) energy surveys of your home, and these can help highlight areas where you could save energy. Especially if you’re aiming for complete self-sufficiency from the grid, then you’ll need to get your energy consumption as low as possible, before the installation takes place as you’ll only want to pay for the generating capacity you need.
And the news ‘on the wire’ is that this October’s forthcoming Renewable Heat incentives may require a certain energy efficiency rating of your home, before they’ll be paid.
The Government is said to also be considering  similar move with the Feed-in Tariffs, so to get the tariff payments, households may have to spend extra on insulation and other energy efficiency measures to get their property’s energy rating lower.
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Limited offer – 3.3kW solar panel system for £9,995

Solar panel installations are getting more and more competitive, helped largely by the competition between solar companies and falling production costs.

Take this offer one of our network of Solar Panel installers promoted last week.

A 3.3kW solar panel system installed for just £9,995 with:
– FREE loft insulation
– FREE cavity wall insulation
– £50 M & S Voucher cashback.

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Solar Panel Installers – the new double glazing cowboys?

With any new technology, there’s always a few ‘opportunists’ that are only to happy to quote maximum price for minimum quality whilst glossing over the facts – in the case of solar panels, the likely performance and realistic pay-back periods.

Add a Government incentive – in this case, the feed-in tariffs, and you’ve got yourself a sure-fire recipe for rogue traders to come out of the woodwork.

If you’re interested in getting your own solar panel installation, the question is what can you do to protect yourself?

Actually, the rules are the same as if you were buying double glazing (or any other home improvement for that matter).

Firstly, never buy ‘off the doorstep’. Cold calling is ripe for a cowboy to talk you into parting with money there and then. You should never have to ‘accompany’ any home improvement company to the bank or hole-in-the-wall machine to withdraw any amount of money.

Never let cold-callers into your home. Their credentials could be fake and they could just be thieves or distraction burglars.

Don’t sign anything until you’re completely happy – don’t be pressured into signing there and then. If the company is genuine, then they’ll want you to consider your quote in your own time.

Always try and get comparison quotes on like for like systems. That way, you’ll know if you’re being overcharged or you’ve got a bargain.

If it sounds to good to be true, it usually is. Never a truer word spoken and with a technology that can be very difficult to quantify for the average man on the street, comparing different quotes will hopefully give you the confidence to choose the right company / installation for your family.

Solar Panel Quoter was set up, like its double glazing counterpart Window Quoter, to drive out the rogue traders, by offering genuine online quotes without the need for a salesman to call round. Later, if you decide that you’d like to get that quote confirmed in writing, we can use our computer technology to match your location and system requirements with up to 3 genuine companies in your area.

They’ll arrange to call round, discuss the type and size of installation you’re interested in and leave you with a no-obligation written quote.

You’ll receive an email from us before hand, confirming the details of the companies we’ve passed your details onto so you can see (online) their contact details, feedback from previous homeowners who used them and have the opportunity to leave your own feedback – good, bad or indifferent, once they’ve called on you.

Solar panels represent the opportunity to lower your energy bills, whilst getting paid for the electricity you generate. Not all properties will be suitable for solar energy (location, roof direction and overhanging obstructions are the main reasons for non-suitability), however later this year, the Governments Renewable Heat Incentives will come into force rewarding renewable heat technologies like hot water solar panels and ground source heat pumps.

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Did Santa bring you any Solar Panels?

Admittedly not the first Christmas gift idea to spring to mind, but with the energy bill savings and feed-in tariff payments, you could just be able to splash out a little bit more next Christmas.

Whilst some homeowners install solar panels to aid the environment, others will be quite happy just to see a reduction in their energy bills.

Last Summer saw a wave of companies offering free installations in exchange for keeping the revenues generated by the feed-in tariff for themselves, whilst the homeowner simply benefitted from lower energy bills. However, despite an estimated 10,000 installations overall in 2010, there are many more homes that whilst they may not meet the criteria for a free installation, could certainly reap huge rewards from their own installation.

Solar Panel Quoter can give you an instant online price guide for your own solar panel installation without any salesmen having to call on you first.

And with the Renewable Heat Incentive set to come live later this year, you’ll also be able to apply for a generation tariff for hot water solar panels, similar to the current feed-in tariff for photovoltaic (electricity generating) solar panels.

photo credit: bart fields

Greater interest in Solar Panels

Spending money on your own solar panel installation will give you a better return than leaving your money in the bank.

Our Solar Panel Quoting website has seen a massive increase in homeowner usage – people getting online quotes, looking to compare installation costs and the benefits of keeping all of the feed-in tariff contributions to themselves, by using both locally and nationally, recognised installation companies.

Many of these installation companies are offering some really good deals at the moment – one is offering free home energy surveys, whilst others have gone further by offering free cavity wall and loft insulation with their installations.

Cavity wall insulation alone can save an average household around £110 a year off their energy bills – a CO2 saving of around 560kg a year. Loft insulation will save you a further £145 a year and save 730kg of CO2 (source: Energy Saving Trust).

To make the most of your renewable energy generating installation, it’s important to reduce your homes energy usage as much as possible (hence offers like the free energy surveys etc.).

photo credit: edmund tse

2 great energy offers for May.

2 Great offers for the Bank Holiday:

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The Government will pay you for the electricity you generate.

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