Campaign to reduce planning red tape on solar panels

The “chaos surrounding solar panel installations” could soon be cleared up as Ministers pledge to tackle the planning red tape.

That’s according to an article on Heating and who cite several local councils who’ve insisted homeowners obtain planning permission for solar panels, where none was required.

Government guidance currently states that planning permission is not required unless the property is a listed building or within a conservation area.

Building regulations are not needed as long as Government Competent Person Scheme contractor is used.

Solar companies are welcoming the news that Ministers are finally getting involved, and hope that once and for all, the confusion for homeowners, installers and local councils will be cleared up.

Remember if you’re planning a solar panel installation to take advantage of the Governments feed-in-tariffs, you must use a FiT accredited installer, or at least get the installation ‘signed off’ by an approved installer.

photo credit: liz west

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