Buying double glazing? How to get a better deal.

It’s a fact that none of us like paying more than we have to for anything. We can accept paying a little more for a superior product or service but on the whole, the less cash we have to part with, the better.

So when it comes to buying double glazing for your home, here are a few tips that should help you get the most for your money.

– If you give me, I’ll give you
Phrasing your ‘wishes’ in the correct way gives you the upper hand for counter-negotiations. This way, it may be possible to negotiate a little more for your money – i.e “If you give me that price, I’ll have the whole house done”.

– Trade up
Window companies have to make a profit (like everyone else) but it may be possible to squeeze a few extras out of them like locking handles or more efficient glass in return for your business. You’ll have most success where the ‘extra’s of high value to you but low value to them.

– Shop around
Whilst its true that the double glazing industry has suffered many casualties in the recession, there’s still plenty to choose from. Choose wisely and you’ll have a installation to be proud of. There are a number of things you can do: Check their credentials carefully, ask to speak with previous customers, review feedback from other homeowners (if you use Window Quoter, you get to see this feedback automatically), compare one companies upvc profile and hardware over another.

– Offers
There’s always offers – the trick is to accept the offer that suits your circumstances the most. Low rate finance is no good if you were going to pay cash but free upgrades on glass or paying nothing till the following year might suit you more. If a company is offering a ‘free front door’, still get comparative quotes. That ‘free door’ may still work out to be just as expensive as other quotes. Some offers are really genuine though – you’ll have to use all the information at your disposal to decide if it’s a good one or an offer that’s right for you.

– Diary dates
If you’re flexible about when the installation can be carried out, then that might be worth something to a window company with a patchy installation diary and they may be prepared to offer a little extra incentive if they can choose the installation date rather than you dictating it. But if their suggestion really isn’t convenient, then don’t be afraid to say so.

– Finance
Whenever you’re offered finance, it pays to compare loans and interest rates with your high street bank or building society before agreeing to or signing anything. Even ‘pay nothing’ offers should be scrutinised carefully. After all, what happens when the payment free period is over? What are the terms and conditions etc. and will you be expected to hand over a large deposit? (WindowQuoter recommends never paying more than a 10% deposit and using a credit card if possible for maximum protection).
Never never never allow yourself to be ‘accompanied’ by a salesperson or other company representative to a bank or ‘hole-in-the-wall’ machine etc to withdraw cash.

– Get more than one quote
If you only get one quote , what do you have to compare it against? How do you know if you’re getting value for money? Getting a range of different quotes (in writing) will allow you to compare prices at a glance and may even give you another ‘weapon’ with which to approach your preferred company e.g “if you can match this price, we’ll go with you”.

– Keep your head
It’s all to easy to be carried along by an experienced salesperson and before you know it, you’ve incorporated georgian bars, stained glass or gold coloured handles etc into your order. Stand firm and ask yourself if they’re really necessary? After all, all these additions come at a price. If you had a budget in mind and it’s practical to do so then try and stick to it.

Remember if you’re too inflexible or demanding, then the window company can say ‘no thank you’ to.

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