British Gas jump the gun with smart meters

A story that started circulating last week and The Times reported on the 29th March – apparently, British Gas are to start installing Smart Meters into a million homes during 2010.

The programme will create 2,500 jobs and claims that household energy bills could be cut by £1 billion over the next ten years.

The Times reports:

“The meters monitor energy consumption as it is used and send the information directly to suppliers over wireless networks. At the same time, a monitor placed prominently in the home shows customers exactly what they are using, encouraging them to switch off power-hungry appliances.”

You can read the full article by visiting The Times website – click here.

Do drop us a line (comment below) if you’re one of the first lucky few to get your smart meter and share with us how you find they make a difference.

photo credit: damo1977

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