Biomass Heaters and RHI’s

People are always look for ways to save money, whether that’s cutting down on luxuries or reducing the utility bills. Well another way to help is by investing in a new heating system. Biomass heaters are the solar panels of the heating industry. Not only can they reduce your heating bill by £100 – £580 a year, the government will give £2000 off the installation of a biomass boiler under the renewable heat premium payment scheme, RHPP. This offer is only available until spring 2014. Now the cost of a biomass boiler is a whopping £11000. The other options are significantly cheaper but not as efficient. The more expensive heaters are the ones that will save you more money. Now £11000 is a lot even with £2000 off (£9000). The annual savings on your energy bill will help repay that in quite a few years, however the time it takes to make back the money will be dramatically reduced as of spring 2014. The government will remove the RHPP scheme and introduce a new scheme, the renewable heat incentive, RHI. This is like the solar panel feed-in tariff except the more efficient your biomass boiler the more you get paid back. This scheme is already in play for non-domestic uses.

Apart from the financial side of this, there is also an environmental side. These biomass boilers use biological materials from plants (mostly trees). This material can be processed into heat, fuel or electricity. When it is burned it produces co2 which is taken back in by the tress that are planted to replace the ones that have been cut down. So there is no overall gain in co2.

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  1. I am a plumbing and heating engineer by trade. Sure I have seen solar and geo thermal but in my opinion Biomass is the way to go. I was recently at Veissman looking at their Biomass boilers. Very impressive. Biomass is the future.

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