Beware of doorstep solar companies

The BBC reported the unfortunate events of one resident in Dorset, who handed over monies to a ‘door-step’ solar company in Dorset.

The minute the pensioner had handed over money, problems started.

Delays in starting the installation grew to a year and when they called to do some ‘preliminary installation’ work in the loft for which the homeowner handed over another considerable sum, it was later discovered they’d done nothing more than trail a few wires around an empty box.

Now the Office of Fair Trading has warned other homeowners to be on their guard against ‘door step sellers’ as solar panels become more popular and people start to take notice of the Government tariffs.

Unscrupulous firms may be targeting the elderly or those just retired and with lump sums / savings available to invest, warns the consumer watchdog in the BBC report (click here to read it in full).

At present, to qualify for the Government’s feed-in tariffs, the solar installation must be carried out by a member of the Microgeneration Certification Scheme.

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photo credit: gareth jones

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