Bearded Theory – solar panels in the most unlikeliest of places

Our intrepid Festival go’er – Adam – is just back from the Bearded Theory festival>, which this year was held in the grounds of Kedleston Hall, Derbyshire.

(and yes he did wear his false beard – a Dumbledore creation in vivid purple)

Anyway, knowing my fascination for all things solar, he snapped the above picture – a set of solar panels apparently powering a DJ desk.

Whilst the solar panels wouldn’t have generated enough power for the turntables, let alone the amps, they would have charged a battery up very nicely for a little night-time illumination.

If you’ve got the camping or caravan bug, and have been thinking about solar panels, unfortunately, Solar Panel Quoter is aimed more at domestic and business installations.

But you might try your local Maplins or Caravan seller as they may provide the smaller, complete solar kits for the great outdoors (or festival).

photo credit: Adam.

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