Average weekly spend on transport was £64.90 in 2010

The Office for National Statistics released household expenditure figures for 2010, broken down into weekly averages across the UK.

If you’ve ever wondered where your money goes and why you never seem to have any left, then this report might provide a very big clue.

Of course, it’s no real surprise, given the ever rising fuel costs at the pumps that in 2010, the biggest weekly expense for households was fuel – with average transport costs of £64.90 per week. That’s up by £6.50 on 2009 – an increase of 11%.

Second highest category of expenditure was housing, fuel and power, which increased to £60.40 per week.

Households in rural areas averaged a higher spend than urban areas – due mostly to transport costs.

Total weekly costs on average were £474 per week, with rural households paying out an average of £506.30 per week.

At an average £4.30 a week on pet food, I’m afraid the pets will just have to go!

Read the Office for National Statistics full report here.

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