Australian residents warned over solar scam

Dubious home improvement companies and door-step scams aren’t reserved just for homeowners in the UK, as this story from Queensland Australia warns.

Residents living on the Gold Coast have been warned after a string of complaints were received by their Office of Fair Trading.

The complaints relate to failure to deliver solar panels ordered by customers, mostly through telemarketing and door-to-door sales.

In some cases, residents had been offered a price reduction from $6600 to nil if they agreed to Australia’s version of the UK’s feed-in tariffs and agree to being a ‘show home’. Residents had then been asked to hand over a $900 deposit.

Here in the UK, if you’re thinking of installing solar panels on your property, then a safe place to start is getting an online quote. This will give you a rough expectation of cost before you get around to meeting any companies.

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photo credit: ewen roberts

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