August a record month for solar installations amidst subsidy re-evaluations

Over 2,200 households installed solar panel systems on their property during August – a record for the UK.

This compares with the 1,700 installations that were carried out in July and the 1,400 in June, following the April introduction of those all important feed-in tariffs.

However, there are already signs that the level of subsidy currently available may not continue for new applications in the future, so the advice is to act now.

Germany, Spain, Italy and France have all reduced or announced reductions to their renewable energy subsidy programmes (which apply to new installations/applications only after the date changes come into effect), previous installations receive the tariff as applicable when they first received it.

massive subscription

The problems arise when there is a massive subscription which Governments are unable (or unwilling) to continue funding. Many European countries, all trying to cut massive deficits, have re-evaluated their subsidies, amidst fears that such reductions may reduce or even halt any progress towards renewable targets. Not to mention the crippling economic effect on the industries concerned.

Our own Government has promised a review of it’s own tariff’s and subsidies with the effects likely to take effect as early as 2011/12. Any of you that have been following the uncertainty over the Renewable Heat Incentives (RHI) introduction due next April, will know that particular scheme’s put a whole industry on hold, whilst a decision is awaited.

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