At least we’ll be able drown our sorrows…

The CCC (Committee on Climate Change) has warned the UK needs to prepare for changes in our climate as a result of global warming.

We’re already feeling the effects – higher temperatures and changing seasons they warn and the UK needs to be planning for new emergencies that will affect homes and businesses.

This includes measures from making sure coastal nuclear power developments can withstand higher water levels during their operational lives to ensuring adequate drainage systems for homes, as well as better insulation to help people cope with higher temperatures.

On the plus side, the CCC does point out there will be new business opportunities like expanding the UK’s wine growing regions and being able to grow more exotic fruits.

That’s OK then – we’re all going to roast, but at least wine and apricots will be cheaper. I was beginning to get worried!

(the full article appeared on the BBC website last week – click here to read it)

photo credit: jenny downing

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