Are Your Doors Letting You Down?

If your garage door mechanism has seized up again; if you’re tired of your door looking shabby, rusty and unloved; if you can find a supplier, perhaps it’s time to ‘blow the bloody doors off’ and treat yourself to brand new doors. Remember, from the front your Garage only looks as good as its door, and your house only looks as good as its Garage.

You could be missing out on some of the great benefits of modern garage doors, such as automatic systems which can open the door by remote control – or even automatically as a car approaches. You might find these systems are less expensive than you imagined, too – prices are constantly coming down and can now be extremely competitive. For a free and instant online quote visit

Garage Door 1

Garage doors don’t come in all shapes and sizes – normally sticking to a ‘square’ shape and retaining the usual proportions of the front of a garage. They do, however, come in a range of opening systems, from the standard canopy that we all know and love, to the ultra-cool roller doors. The choices are a trade off between efficiency, stability and price, but in most cases the roller doors represent the best choice to most people who can afford them

Garage Door 2

The advantages of roller doors include security and that when rolled up they take up very little space inside your garage (unlike other doors which will require a space at ceiling level to store the opened door). They can also be made draft-proof, or even insulated, and are lightweight. They can also be opened even when your car is parked right in front of them, unlike other door styles.

Garage Door 3

As if that wasn’t enough choice, a number of different materials are available for garage doors, including the ever-reliable but heavy galvanised steel, gorgeous timber (normally on a metal frame, and not suitable for roller doors) and modern lightweight plastic-based materials including Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) and ABS. These have the advantage of strength and durability without problems like rust associated with steel doors nor the expense of timber.

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Your garage doors can be whatever you want them to be – but if you want to save yourself money and get an instant online quote, there’s only one place you need to go, and that’s

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