Are cat flaps possible in upvc double glazed doors?

The good news if you’re thinking of having double glazing installed, but you’re worried about how your cat will get out (or in), is that there are a range of options and products available for installing cat flaps in upvc double glazed doors, including patio doors.

If your door has a solid panel, then this is relatively straight-forward. Ask your installer to cut the hole and fit the flap for you. You’ll need to ensure the cat flap is insulated from the door panel if its magnetically operated as the steel panels inside the door may lock kitty out.

If you’re doing the fitting yourself, then best advice seems to be use as fine a saw blade as possible to avoid rough edges. The fine edge will also help when it comes to cutting through a usually present thin metal sheet in the middle of the panel. Mask the area off to avoid scratches on the door panel.

If the cat flap is to be fitted into a double glazed glass panel, then you’ll need to discuss this with the window company prior to ordering as the hole must be included when the glass panel is actually made.

It is possible to find cat flaps that have slender frames and will actually fit into a sliding patio door without fowling the sliding mechanism/action when one pane slides behind another.

One other tip we’ve picked up on – cat flaps come with varying widths of ‘tunnel’ to connect the two doors with through the door itself. Upvc ‘solid’ panels tend to be thinner than wooden / composite doors so check the kit you’re buying carefully for suitability.

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