Animal Rights protestors slow down California Wind Turbines – solar shines through

As a 384 home solar powered community – the largest of its kind in the U.S. – Southern California to be precise – opened its first phase to the home buying public, developers were praising the design features which will see residents enjoy up to 60% lower fuel bills.

California prides itself in leading America’s alternative energy use. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is a pro-active advocate of solar powered homes and green energy generation in general. He has set a goal of 1 million homes to have been fitted with solar roof panels.

The news comes amidst news that the state’s wind turbine program has slowed down as animal rights groups object to bird casualties due to propeller strikes. However, California shows no signs of slowing down its “aggressive goals for green energy production”.

You can read more on the new solar powered community, which could be a future planning way forward for the rest of us, by clicking here.

photo credit: avenefica

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