Add the value back on to your home

The Telegraph reported how the average home had lost £2000 off it’s value in December, however, as it pointed out – it may be possible to not only claw some of that loss back, but actually increase your home’s value.

The right home improvement can not only add value to your home but also make it more desirable to a potential buyer.

Generally speaking, those improvements which add living space to your property will have the greatest effect on its value (by as much as 7%) but be careful not to create a negative effect by taking over small gardens with large extensions or conservatories.

Converting the loft with a en-suite bedroom can add up to 20% to your homes value. A new kitchen can add between 10% and 15% whilst giving your homes exterior a makeover could add up to 15%.

If you’re interested in improving your home with a view to increasing it’s value or making it more sellable, then one source you may not have thought of to ask is your local estate agents. They’ll be able to tell you based on past experience what improvements have the most effect on properties in you area, in terms of adding value and sale-ability.

One thought on “Add the value back on to your home”

  1. You could also do a conversion to increase the value of your property, a garage conversion! These are a very cost efficient way of adding a games room or guest room to your house with very little effort.
    You will need to check with your local authority as to whether you need planning permission, but this is not always the case..

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