A new recycling bin – how exciting

Worth mentioning I thought (as we’re in a green vein here)…..

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and I made the pilgrimage (3 and a quarter hours) down the road to visit my parents in Hertfordshire.

A complete surprise (I hadn’t told them I was going to visit and presents and cards had already been delivered by mail to add to the illusion).

Whilst there, I happened to comment that I’d noticed another new recycling bin on their driveway.

That led to a full tour and inspection.

What they’ve now got is a standard wheelie bin, another smaller wheelie bin for compostable stuff – waste food, garden trimmings etc and a new bin for plastic, metal, glass and card.

The clever bit is the new bin – it has a tray like insert that hangs inside the main bin and it’s for the card and paper. You have to drop the plastic, tin and glass down the side of it.

Previously, they had what we’re still using in Buxton – a small plastic crate that gets collected every fortnight along with the green ‘compostable’ bin.

Being a wheelie bin design, means it’s easier to handle when full, the lid means stuff doesn’t blow around the streets and being a wheelie bin design, it encourages a) the rubbish to be put outside and b) be put out for collection on the appropriate day.

And from a collection point of view, it’s got to be safer than picking up crates that sometimes may be overflowing…

photo credit: siftnz

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